About Utonexus

Utonexus is an online social networking tool that helps you find people similar to your personality type.

Our mission

Utonexus is concocted from the words Utopia and Nexus. Inspired by the “Kardashev scale” and John Lennon's “Imagine”, we hope to promulgate a better valuation of individuality in the society through our site.

Speaking superficially, we wish to connect each and everyone on this planet with someone who they can relate with on a much deeper level of understanding.

Our innovation

We calculate your ideal personality matches and show them to you in a list after you take our simple and intuitive graphical questionnaire, as an alternative to the conventional personality tests that you take on the internet.


Utonexus was conceived as an attempt to make the society a better place by helping people meet their right counterparts. In 2014, we casually studied a few social circles of people and came to a conclusion that the most promising of these circles consisted of people with similar personality types.

Philosophy of Utonexus

Our purpose is not to limit your experience by surrounding you with the people who are similar to your type. The unavoidable encounter of dissimilar people will still exist in the real world and that is indeed the true essence of living; however, we just make most of your living an exciting one.

When you find people who view the world, both inner and outer, same as you do, you naturally abandon bigotry and silently move deeper into the ocean of discovery. With each level of deepness, you find that you can exploit so many opportunities in this world just by having the right combination of people around you. More intriguing is the fact that no matter how insignificant or reverse you think you might be, you impact the world around you in a very subtle, yet profound way. You are an important gear in a very complex and sophisticated machinery called the society, and it is our service to help you meet your compatible cogs.

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Please click here to give a feedback !